Elvis Presley Might Be Alive: Hoax Story Circulating The Web Might Actually Be True

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Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley

Four decades after his death, some people still believe that Elvis Presley is alive and kicking. The king of rock would have turned 82 on Sunday, but theories keep popping up left and right, making die hard fans wonder if they grieved for no reason.

He was 42 years old when Presley reportedly died at his home in Memphis Tennessee after a massive heart attack. But some die hard Elvis fans argue that he is still walking this earth, showing up every now and then, being recognized by lucky witnesses when least expected, per hollywoodlife.com.

Elvis Presley Fan Theories

From personal sightings to cryptic messages, one can’t help but wonder if the rumors might just be true. That Elvis Presley never died.

Elvis Presley

When Presley died, the cops never provided any photographs of his death, which many found quite odd. His name was also misspelled on his tombstone. Yes, Aaron is his middle name but he long chose to spell it as Aron, with just one ‘A’. This led many to think that the real Elvis Presley isn’t the one buried in there, per IBT.

After his death, Presley’s manager, Col. Tom Parker was quoted saying to reporters, “Elvis didn’t die. The body did. Talked to him this morning.” There are also sightings of the Blue Suede Shoes singer that included a mom and daughter saying Elvis showed up at Burger King in Michigan back in 1988. There was also a tourist in Graceland who claimed to have seen Presley raking leaves. But why would he do that, if people may ask. Then again, why not? Celebs love doing ‘normal’ things just like everyone else, that is, if he was really alive.

Right before Elvis Presley‘s 82 birthday, another conspiracy theory cropped up. Now some believe that Elvis spotted in a scene in the movie Home Alone back in 1990. It’s that scene where Katherine O’Hara was talking to the airport agent when she realizes she left her son at home. The man standing behind her? That was supposed to be Elvis.

No one is certain why these conspiracy theories can’t seem to die down. Some say it’s some die hard fans’ way of coping with their beloved idol’s death. This way the the king of rock and his memory will live on, no matter what.

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