Ellen Page Makes First Public Appearance With Girlfriend Samantha Thomas At The Toronto International Film Festival, Here?s What Happened

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Ellen Page has finally come out in the open about her relationship with girlfriend Samantha?Thomas.

On Sunday at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of her film Freeheld, the 28-?year-old actress had a special guest on her arm: girlfriend Samantha Thomas. It was the first?time the women, who wore coordinating tuxes for the occasion, walked the red carpet?together.

Yahoo?reports, it was the perfect event that the couple chose to make their. The film is about?a lesbian pair fighting for domestic partner rights ? and the story inspired her to come out in?February 2014.

Talking about her relationship she said, ?I’m in love. Walking down the carpet holding my?girlfriend’s hand is pretty special. It’s pretty awesome.?

Page and Thomas even highlighted their official couple status by donning coordinating black-?and-white ensembles ? something that a similarly-clad Ruby Rose also noticed.

According to Daily Mail UK, Ellen’s best friend Ruby Rose, 29, turned out for the screening?and the subsequent Vanity Fair toast at Montecito Restaurant, to support her talented friend.

Australian model, actress and DJ Ruby and her bestie Ellen opted for near identical outfits,?choosing to opt for classic white shirts and black ties for the special occasion on Sunday.?Ruby even took on to Instagram to talk about her best friend.

Freeheld, out October 2, stars Page as mechanic Stacie Andree, who fought for domestic?partner rights in New Jersey after her police detective partner, Laurel Hester (Julianne?Moore), was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

We are sure millions of girls out there will now look up to you and might even come out in?the open, just like you did.

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