Ellen DeGeneres Divorce: Portia de Rossi to Get $345M in Settlement?

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If there?s a couple to ship, Ellen and Portia would probably make it on your list.

We?re all aware how Ellen Degeneres had been vocal about how grateful she is for finding true love in the person of Portia de Rossi. However, news about the couple?s alleged heartbreaking split had been circulating online.

Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi have been married for 8 years now. And with the divorce issue going around, is it possible that Ellen had been pretending about her happy married life with Portia?

Ellen and Portia Divorce Rumors

News about the couple?s split stated that the Ally McBeal actress is getting tired of Ellen?s ?controlling attitude? and that she?s had enough of it. Rumors also say that Portia no longer wants to be Ellen?s trophy wife, and that she wants to have children.

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Additionally, Ellen was said to have problems over drinking and luxurious living, and Portia is having troubles handling it. Their divorce is ?imminent,? rumors state.

An article claimed that Ellen and Portia?s divorce may cost around $345 Million, and may end up as one of the nastiest splits in Hollywood. The good news is, the rumors remain rumors.

Ellen Degeneres Denies Divorce Issues

Apparently, the divorce issues are nothing but a HOAX. Ellen Degeneres recently silenced the issue regarding her split with Portia de Rossi.

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It actually isn?t the first time for the couple to experience these kinds of rumors; but like the past issues, Ellen just stopped the issue by saying that they?re getting stronger and stronger as a couple.

Ellen Degeneres Portia De Rossi Divorce

Ellen admitted that she can?t imagine not being married to Portia. The hostess considers her wife as her best friend, and Ellen says that Portia is the person she wants to spend her life with.

Ellen and Portia became a couple in 2004, and took the relationship to the altar on 2008. The couple is obviously still very much in love, so let?s all hope that the rumors would end soon!

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