Elizabeth Olsen Pregnant? Noticeable Weight Gain Sparks Pregnancy Rumors

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Elizabeth Olsen

So it seems like 2016 wouldn?t end without another big news about Elizabeth Olsen. The newest of which is Elizabeth Olsen pregnant just because of a slight weight gain.

From Chris Evans to dating rumors about Tom Hiddleston, we can all assume that that?s the end of it. I mean come on, Chris Evans THEN Tom Hiddleston? Even if some of the news are all but rumors, it just makes us wanna know more about Elizabeth Olsen.

And now that she?s loving life with Richard Sachs, this couple has surely taken their affection to the next level after the two were spotted heading into the Caribbean.

Elizabeth Olsen

And news doesn?t end there. People are now noticing that Elizabeth Olsen is gaining a couple of pounds. And the speculation? Elizabeth Olsen might just be pregnant.

How Did The News Start?

Elizabeth Olsen?s pregnancy rumors arose after the actress sported what seems to be a ?baby bump.? It?s noticeable in some of her pictures that the Captain America: Civil War actress gained weight.

Since Elizabeth Olsen and her latest boyfriend, Richard Sachs have gotten really close, it was really easy to assume that the news might be possible.

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The couple even spent their Thanksgiving weekend together. Olsen and Sachs are also said to be going on a hike on Saturdays, which seems extremely fun. They?re also spotted getting food together from a local grocery store.

So, are the couple getting ready to be parents?

Are the Pregnancy Rumors True?

Apparently, no matter how cute we all imagined Elizabeth Olsen?s baby boy/girl could be, there?s just no baby inside her tummy.

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Her pregnancy rumor is just a product of people?s creative mind?which is kinda sad. Still though, the fact about how in love Elizabeth Olsen and Richard Sach are remains true.

And for now, let?s all just hope that they stay together way longer and make the pregnancy speculations become a reality!

Who doesn?t want to see Scarlet Witch?s baby? That?s just pure awesome!

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