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Elizabeth II Dead: Why The Internet Is Talking About Queen’s Death, & What Will Happen If She Dies

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Reports that Elizabeth II is dead came out all over the internet this year. While the reports were mere hoaxes, we have analyzed what exactly will happen if the Queen?s death does come.

The now 90-year-old royal icon ascended to the throne in 1952. Since then, she has witnessed 13 British Prime Ministers and 12 US presidents. As one of the world?s most powerful leaders, Queen Elizabeth?s death is expected to be a major global event.

GDP loss

According to Business Insider, Britain is expected to stop all economic activities for at least 12 days. This will cover her passing, funeral, and the nation?s time for mourning.


Inevitably, the lull will supposedly cost the British economy billions in lost earnings. Some predicted that stock markets and banks will possibly close when Elizabeth II is dead. The estimated economic loss will amount to between ?1.2 and ?6 billion.

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Inside Buckingham Palace

Although Queen Elizabeth is not yet dead, there are already arrangements by royal personnel for both her passing and transition to her successor.

If the Queen?s passing is a result of a long illness, Buckingham Palace reps are expected to have detailed plans ready. However, things will be somewhat different if her death is sudden and public. The announcement will most likely be unplanned and uncontrolled – similar to Princess Diana?s 1997 car accident.

Majority of the Palace staff and those from associated institutions will be sent home. In case of an overnight passing, Daily Beast shared that the announcement will be released at 8 in the morning.

A former Palace staff also said the Royal Court has a staff hotline. It will disseminate news and instructions to Buckingham Palace employees.

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?Elizabeth II Dead? – How will British media break the news?

In case the passing is expected, UK?s main TV channels will be first to spread the news. All BBC channels are pre-instructed to stop regular programming. The major announcement will break specifically via BBC1?s feed. ?

Anchors at BBC supposedly actively practice for the Queen?s passing – from the delivery to their attires. This is so that they won?t be caught unprepared for such big news. Some would remember that BBC?s Peter Sissons was heavily criticized in 2002 when he wore a red tie to announce the Queen Mother?s death. Because of this, the news network reportedly already has black ties and suits that their frontliners can use anytime.

Although probably not as detailed as BBC, CNN also has similar arrangements. The station reportedly has pre-recorded TV specials about the Queen?s life. These will supposedly alternate with live reports about her passing.

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