Elizabeth Banks Gets On Uber Ride From Hell, Why Is This SNL?s Funniest Episode So Far?

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On this week?s episode of Saturday Night Live, Elizabeth Banks took an uber cab ride and we are sure many of you who must have gone through a similar experience, had a great time watching it. And won?t you agree that this time?s episode was funnier than the previous one?

According to People, the trip starts off normal enough, the driver just misses a turn, but soon the journey turns into a stop through White Castle’s drive-thru and a trip to the bank. However, Bank’s character Jen is soon turned onto driver Mike O’Brien’s side, joining him for an ice cream stroll, disposing of a body, braking for a turtle and even delivering his wife’s baby in the back seat.

Why does she go along with it? “Neither one of us wants to give the other one a bad rating,” Jen explains.However, despite going on the Uber journey, the driver still gave her a mediocre rating.

Apart from this hilarious cab ride, the show also showcased the best and worst of Saturday Night Live.

The best ones included:


Bobby Moynihan played a middle-school administrator excited about winning a charity-auction role in a crime procedural called The Bureau ? that is, until Banks and Jay Pharoah?s FBI agents got on camera and busted his fictional character for sniffing teenagers? one-piece bathing suits and exhibiting ?pervert eyes.? A slight, silly premise upgraded by the actors? goofy enthusiasm.


SNL?s ladies ? in this case, Banks, Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong and Vanessa Bayer ? joined forces as girl group Infinity Plus Five to extoll the virtues of their girlhood crushes. With lyrics like, ?I got up on the couch/ And I knocked my first one out,? it wasn?t tasteful, but it sure was amusing.

While the worst had:


Pharoah nailed Carson?s glassy-eyed belief in himself, but you need more than a facial expression to get true gut laughs, no? The sluggish pacing and tepid punchlines undercut Pharoah?s efforts, but hopefully we?ll get to see this impression put to better use as the season progresses, reported TV Line.

Not just that, with Cecily Strong delivering a heartfelt message of solidarity with Paris after the terrible attacks on Friday. The episode got underway with Banks’ musical Monologue and an amusing short commercial for Aron’s List (Angie’s List, but for low-level sexual offenders). But the heart of the show lay in the next three consecutive sketches, all of which showcased the best recurring bits from the recent cast, reported Gothamist.

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