Elite Dangerous Update 2.3 Release: When To Expect The Next Major Patch

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Elite Dangerous Update 2.3

Currently, fans are waiting for the Elite Dangerous update 2.3 release. So far, Frontier Developments still hasn’t announced the exact release date but left some content confirmed for 2017. Here’s what we know so far about the Elite Dangerous update 2.3 release.

Fan Interest and Release Date Predictions

So far, fans are already asking around about the release of the next Elite Dangerous update 2.3. According to RuninWlegbraces’ thread on the Elite Dangerous Reddit, fans are expecting that the next 2.3 update will be released five months from 2.2. The last Elite Dangerous update 2.2 was released last October 2016. Potentially, we may receive the new Elite Dangerous update 2.3 around February to March.

Q2 2017?

Meanwhile, Elite Dangerous has also announced some content incoming this Q2 2017 on the official PlayStation Blog. Apparently, Frontier Developments will announce some information for PS4 users before the game becomes available on Sony’s console sometime in Q2 2017. However, the developers didn’t specifically tease about the contents of the Q2 2017 announcement. For now we’ll have to wait for their updates in the coming months.

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Elite Dangerous so far

Recently, Elite Dangerous players have made contact with the Thargoids, an alien race. However, the first contact has just been meeting one of their ships and not their home planet or even mothership yet. Potentially, Frontier Developments may now show more content discussing the Thargoids as the fans keep finding encounters with the flower-shaped ships.

At best, the new findings allow explorer players to enjoy the game even more as a mysterious race has suddenly appeared in their game. More than just exploration, players can also focus on trade, combat, and territorial conquest in Elite Dangerous. Once the Thargoids have been identified, it’s possible that players of all playstyles will have content to their advantage.

Carrie Fisher, known for her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars, will also receive a memorial station in the Elite Dangerous 2.3 update. Previously, the Elite Dangerous developers have also made some memorial content for Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy and Discworld author Terry Pratchett. Stay updated for more Elite Dangerous news here on The BitBag.

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