Elite Dangerous Update 2.2.02: Bug Fixes In Xbox One And PC Patch

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Elite Dangerous update

Recently, the new Elite Dangerous update 2.2.02 rolled out which features new tweaks and bug fixes. The update features general hotfixes for the Elite Dangerous game for both its PC and Xbox One version. Here?s what we know so far about the Elite Dangerous update 2.2.02.

Laundry List of Patch Updates

According to its official forum post, Elite Dangerous update 2.2.02 fixes a lot of bugs that may hamper the game?s aesthetics. Stray dialogue, text and interface display have been fixed. Additionally, some changes are also unique to the Xbox One platform. Feel free to see if this patch fixes any of your in-game problems.

Interface and General Fixes

At best, Elite Dangerous update 2.2.02 features updates that fix most of the game?s interface and incorrectly working assets. ?Additionally, exploits like using negative credits when refueling has also been fixed. The development of Elite Dangerous works like an Early Access game as the developers procedurally update the game with fixes and major patches to improve the gaming experience.

Xbox One Fixes

Different from the shared fixes on both the PC and Xbox One versions, the Xbox One patch also includes 2.2.01 patches which fixed most crash-inducing and game-breaking bugs. Xbox One players would not worry about known crashes or exploits in their game. However, players still need to keep their eyes peeled for new crashes and bugs unique to the Elite Dangerous update 2.2.02 build.

Delayed Fixes

According to StuartGT?s thread on Reddit, Elite Dangerous officials feature three fixes that didn?t make it in the patch. Mission template updates, mission reward issue and passenger mission issues are still being worked on and won?t make it in this patch. Despite not being able to experience the fix now, fans now know that these problems are being thoroughly worked on.

For now, the new Elite Dangerous update 2.2.02 has already been implemented in the live servers. Players may opt to resume their progression or see if they can find bugs related to the game?s fixes.?

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