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Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta 2 : New Features and Tweaks

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Frontier Developments, the creator of the Elite Dangerous game has announced the release of Elite Dangerous Premium Beta 2.The company has expanded the game by adding additional contents, new features and enhancements. This major update promises to fix some of the bugs and crashes occurring in the game.

These are the best part?of the patch:

  • The second beta version has added three star systems which players can explore. The new systems available for trade and commerce are called LHS 3006, Aulin and Styx.
  • A new and bigger class of starports, called Orbis, has been introduced.
  • There is also a new ship available. It is a hauler type and will be the entry-level space ship for the interstellar trader.
  • German fans will now find the game easier to play since the Beta 2 has added German language support. Aside from these major additions, a lot of minor features and enhancements have been added.

Players can immediately notice the vast improvement in the game.

The first beta edition of Elite Dangerous has been plagued with numerous bugs and crashes. One of these crashes occurs when the player presses the alt-tab. Just by simply ejecting a cargo can also result in a game crash.

Beta 2 has promised to solve these problems. Bugs in the ship controls have also been fixed or removed. In the latest update, gamers can enjoy smoother space flights as many of the ship?s control systems have been modified or improved.

Elite Dangerous is an online single and multiplayer game. Although the official game is yet to be released, the beta edition is available for purchase.

The game can be downloaded from the official online store.

It is a game set in the far future where humans are exploring and living in star systems within the Milky Way galaxy. Players can choose from a variety of characters like traders, pirates, bounty hunters or even assassins.

Elite Dangerous is currently available on Windows, although a version for Apple computers will soon be available. The game can currently run on Windows 7 and 8. Player would also need internet connection in order to play Elite Dangerous Premium Beta 2.

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