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‘Elite Dangerous’ Player Discovers Alien Homeworld

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Elite Dangerous
Elite Dangerous

Players have yet to come into direct contact with any intelligent life forms while traversing the  far off reaches of space in Elite Dangerous. However, many players have been finding multiple clues that aliens do exist in the game. The latest discovery has not only shocked players but even the game’s developers themselves.

One of the many great aspects of a videogame is it’s story. Having a big expansive lore littered with interesting easter eggs is a sure fire way to please any fan base. Its also a great way to keep the community wondering and wanting more.

This player’s big discovery has recently caused some buzz in Elite Dangerous’ community. 


Elite Dangerous is a video game that simulates combat, trading, and space exploration. Being able to explore space is big aspect of the game. And one of the largest controversies in the game’s space exploration is the existence of aliens.

Player xdeath had found a shocking discovery in Elite Dangerous. He was able to find a hidden planet littered with multiple alien structures.

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The latest discovery doesn’t come by accident. Apparently player xdeath had been searching for the alien planet. He was able to get his lead by actually paying close attention to the latest expansion trailer.

Player xdeath shared on a Reddit post just how he was able to do it. He wrote: “I triangulated the position of the system using the position of Andromeda, Pleiades Nebula, phakt and epsilon columbae, as they were seen in the trailer… I located the planet by matching the craters as seen on the moon in the tower shot.”

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Once xdeath was on the planet, he chose a spot that he felt was interesting and was able to find the alien ruins during his fly by. Elite developer head Frontier David Braben was astonished at xdeath’s accomplishment.

The new discovery of alien ruin filled planet may be amazing but now Elite players wonder just how long before one of them makes contact with the beings who made the structures. 

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