Elite: Dangerous Might Land On Xbox One and Ps4 Consoles Too, As Hinted By Frontier Developments’ David Braben

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Xbox One and PS4 version of Elite Dangerous possible, developer says

Frontier Developments, the game studio behind upcoming PC and Mac title Elite: Dangerous, teased that their game might also come to current generation Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles too.

Elite: Dangerous is the fourth installment to the space trading and combat simulator ?Elite? game franchise. In early 2013, Frontier has raised about $ 2.69 million via crown-funding platform Kickstarter to support their development of the PC and Mac version of the game.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Frontier founder and chief David Braben explained the possibility of bringing their crowd-funded title to popular consoles. This idea is even supported by the fact that Elite: Dangerous is being powered by the same game engine as the one used for ?Zoo Tycoon? for the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

If we read between the lines of Braben?s responses during the interview, we might take them to mean that it?s more than possible for their studio to bring the Elite: Dangerous to gaming consoles soon.

To enlighten us, here is an excerpt of the interview as posted by Eurogamer:

?I don?t want to do something that constitutes an announcement, but we would be stupid not to support other platforms, including console. We?ve done lots and lots of games over time. We?ve done first-party Sony games. We?ve done first party Microsoft games. On console. So yes, we?d be stupid not to think about it.

“But the point is, we?re very focused on delivering a great PC game. We will then do the game on Mac and during that time we will be looking at other platforms as well. We?re a public company and announcements have to be properly made. But it?s obviously something we?re bearing in mind.?

“The PC is a funny platform,” he said. “It’s not really a platform. It’s a whole range of platforms flying in loose formation.

“You compare a laptop with an uber dev PC, with someone’s PC which has had such a lot of rubbish installed on it that it’s got all sorts of broken drivers, and the game is expected to run on each of those. There is so much variation. So it’s really hard to put on the outside of a box what the minimum spec is. One of the beauties with console is we can then hand tune it to be just right. This is why we put all these options in.”

The PC version of the game is set to be released later this year, with the Mac version promised to come out three months later. Meanwhile, Frontier launched a premium Elite: Dangerous Beta version last May and is slated to kick off on July 29.

Check out this Elite: Dangerous trailer shown during E3 2014 last month:


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