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There are lots of players excited about the development of Elite: Dangerous. The game is considered as one of the coolest space games out there today. And today, the game devs are already looking forward to creating the game?s additional expansion packs.

The game is still on beta as of today. However, the developers behind Elite: Dangerous is planning to add an expansion set after launching the game. In a newsletter from the Elite developer, Frontier, they ?stated:

“We plan to continue to significantly enhance the game via further expansions after the launch date, using the same incremental development philosophy that we?ve used so far,”

“Major new features will include planetary landings and even walking around inside ships, stations, and planet surfaces with time.” Frontier added.

All players who have a Lifetime Expansion Pass will have all significant expansion sets. For players who do not have it, it will be available for purchase by the time it is released.

However, planetary landings are not the only thing that you will ?do in??Elite: Dangerous. With these expansion packs, you will be able to explore more around the game. There will be more options, more vehicles, more planets, and more things to enjoy.

Players of Elite: Dangerous will have ??rich and varied experiences? as described in the newsletter. Your entire trip around the game does not only limit to the landing pads or your ship?s cockpit, but you will also witness rich content on the surfaces, surface vehicles, and you can also drop some items and stash them there while exploring the vicinity. You can also take a peek around your cockpit, just like the ones they have on this video.

Creating these great expansion sets will be ?tough work. It will take a huge amount of time and dedication to pull off something as huge as this. However, once it is out and playable, it will be worth everything.

“We believe that each stage will be incredible, and the result truly breathtaking. What you will see on the worlds will be a mix of procedurally generated content, particularly the landscapes, cloudscapes, compositions and so on, mixed with hand-crafted elements.” Frontier added



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