Elite Dangerous Alien Ship: Player Gets First Contact With Thargoids

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After years of waiting, a player has finally come across with an Elite Dangerous alien ship. This somehow indicates that it is possible for all gamers to actually meet the Thargoid alien race, which they have been anticipating for quite some time already.

It was back in 2014 when the game hit the stores. Since then, gamers have been waiting to at least encounter a functioning version of these ships. For almost two years, players have reported crashed ships. But this time, the wait is officially over as a player DP Sayre posted several clips of live spaceships.

The news was first posted on the official Elite Dangerous subreddit, mentioning the first contact with Thargoids. Developer Frontier Developments has never confirmed the existence of the alien race. But, it seems like they don’t have to anymore as DP Sayre has already proven it. You can click here to watch the encounter.

Some gamers, however, are doubting the clips. There are claims that those videos were edited just to promote the game. But, the developer has now reported it saying a certain player has experienced something strange – an Elite Dangerous alien ship.

Meanwhile, it is still unclear what a player should do to come across with the alien race. DP Sayre also has yet to shared what happened next after seeing the spacecraft. But, based on how the clips ended, it appears like it was just a mere encounter with an alien spaceship. All videos ended peacefully, suggesting there was no interaction between the player and the aliens.

It can be recalled that last year, a previous report stated that gamers had located alien ships crash site. Players had found several pieces of evidence suggesting aliens do exist in the game. It gave gamers hope of meeting aliens in the game. And after DP Sayre’s encounter with them, it just confirmed that being persistent will has a payoff.

How about you? Do you think the Elite Dangerous alien ship found was a hoax? Or do you believe the Thargoid alien race is true? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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