“Eleven” To The Duffer Brothers: “I’m Setting The Record Straight!”

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Fans of ?Stranger Things? got themselves a treat at the ongoing ongoing AsiaPop Comic Con Manila 2016.

Anybody who?s seen an episode of the Netflix supernatural hit ?Stranger Things? knows not to get on the bad side of Eleven, the telekinetic teenager that throws the town of Hawkins, Indiana into disarray with her sudden appearance. She could, after all, break your neck with just a tilt of her head.

It is a good thing, then, that it was just Millie Bobby Brown, the actress playing the role of Eleven, that wanted to ?set the record straight? with recent statements made by the Duffer brothers, the creators of ?Stranger Things?. Brown wanted to correct the Duffer brothers? statement about her father crying during the moment she had her head shaved to fully embody the role of Eleven.

?My dad was fine. He was holding the camcorder. It was my mom who was saying ?We grew this hair for 11 years!?? Brown said to laughter from the hundreds of people present during her time on the convention?s main stage.


Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven in the Netflix hit ‘Stranger Things’, wanted to set the record straight at the AsiaPop Comic Con 2016 Manila.

Of course, one of the things that Brown was asked during her time onstage was confirmation that there was going to be a second season of ?Stranger Things?. It?s unfortunate, but Brown herself has said that she has no idea if there is going to be another season of the show. She did promise, however, that the moment she hears about a renewal, she would post about it on Twitter immediately.

Brown also talked about the numerous theories about ?Stranger Things? floating around on the internet, and was especially intrigued by one that posited that Eleven and the Demigorgon may be two sides of the same coin. ?While she admits that she has no idea if that theory is true, she says she finds all the theories people have said online are ?amazing?.

Aside from Brown, other guests to the AsiaPop Comic Con include ?X-men: Apocalypse? star, Nicholas Hoult, ?Games of Thrones? star Joe Dempsie, and ?The Vampire Diaries? star, Claire Holt.

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