Elevate your skin care routine and keep your skin nourished with this CBD oil infused cushion cream

This product is non-psychoactive which makes it perfect for your sensitive skin

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Our skin deserves the best care we can possibly give and if you’re also someone who loves all things skin care, chances are you’ve already established a nightly routine to soothe and nourish your skin. Because your skin restores, repairs and regenerates at night, it’s important to give it something that will work effectively and nothing does it better than Better Daze Ahead. via GIPHY
What Better Daze Ahead is all about Better Daze Ahead is a restorative cushion cream infused with non-psychoactive, hemp-derived CBD oil (50 mg) + adaptogens. It is formulated to hydrate, moisturize and balance distressed skin. Because CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it’s guaranteed to be safe for sensitive skin and all other skin types.

What makes it special

  • Rich hydration. Powerful oils, including hemp seed oil, nourish skin with essential omega-6 + omega-3 acids, providing dry skin with intense hydration—without feeling greasy or heavy.
  • Calming CBD oil. Known as a natural anti-inflammatory, CBD oil helps soothe, calm skin and reduce redness. The CBD oil in this ultra-rich face cream is full-spectrum and non-psychoactive.
  • Stress-fighting adaptogens. Holy basil, reishi mushroom + purple ginseng help balance skin and protect against environmental stress.
  • Peace of mind. Our full-spectrum CBD oil is pesticide-free and sustainably sourced from licensed Colorado hemp farms.
This product is also very simple to use. Simply apply it to your clean skin and use it in the morning and at night. Then see the difference in your hydrated, nourished skin with no breakouts and itchiness, you’ll probably find yourself claiming this as your new favorite moisturizer!


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