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Daredevil Season 2


Fans of the ?Daredevil? Netflix Original Series have been waiting for any updated about Season 2 of the hit show. Over the past couple of weeks, Netflix has released several trailers giving a glimpse of what?s in store for our hero in ?Daredevil Season 2?. The last trailer featured The Punisher and the role that he will play in contrast to our main protagonist. This week, another trailer was released, and this time it featured another character that fans can expect to see in the upcoming season, Elektra.

In the trailer, which can be seen on Youtube, Matt Murdock is confronted by Elektra in his living room, and the two share an intense conversation. For those who are not familiar with the character, Elektra is actually Matt?s ex-lover and is likewise a ninja assassin, as reported by ScreenRant in their review of the new trailer.

The action packed trailer lays the foundation of the plot between Elektra, played by Elodie Yung, and the Daredevil, portrayed by Charlie Cox. According to ScreenRant, Elektra vanished in the comic book storyline after a sudden tragedy and she resurfaced already having become a part of a ninja cult.

In the trailer, Elektra warns Matt of the resurgence of Yakuza who were thought to have been driven out of Hell?s Kitchen by our hero in Season 1. It will be interesting to see if Elektra and Daredevil rekindle their former flame and if it will lead to something more.

With the Daredevil Season 2 releasing in less than one month, fanatics of the Marvel original drama are surely as excited as ever. If the two teaser trailers are any indication, everyone can expect Season 2 of the Daredevil to become even better than the first even though that in itself is already a tall order. Be sure to catch Daredevil Season 2 exclusively on Netflix on March 18.

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