Electric Cars: Chevy Volt, Just a Niche Product for GM?

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ChevyVoltElectric Cars Part 1: Chevy Volt, Just a Niche Product for GM?

Way back in 2007, the Chevrolet Volt was first shown as a concept vehicle in the Detroit 2007 Auto Show. About three years later, the first Volt was sold (December 2010) and was considered a ?niche? product for a ?niche? market.

Three years later and to this date, it seems that the Volt has remained as such and has no plans of becoming the ?car in every garage?.

Michelle Malcho, media rep for the Chevy Volt explains it clearly in the most recent Auto Show in Detroit. She categorically statesChevyVolt-1 that ?It?s not, just like Corvette is, not being mass marketed…….It is more of a niche style of product.?

To be fair to the Volt, all electric vehicles (EV) / Hybrids are not yet part of the mass or mainstream market. Many advocates of EVs however are questioning why this is so, not only with the case of the Volt, but with other EVs as well.

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Video: 2013 Chevy Volt Review from VW TDI Driver (myturbodieseldotcom / YouTube)

ChevyVolt-2General Motors, the manufacturer of the Volt, has always poured in vast amounts of its resources to the development and research of EVs but has limited its marketing and advertising efforts to a select target. Auto Industry observers also noted that GM has never been as forceful in its ?push? of the EV if compared to Nissan and Tesla .

Despite this lack of ?push?, the Volt is still the best selling ?plug-in? vehicle in the US with sales of 56 Thousand since it first rolled out. What is being noted however is the lack of increase in its sales from 2012 to 2013.

The Volt is not alone in this predicament. The Nissan Leaf, launched at almost the same time as the Volt, saw sales of only 9,000 ChevyVolt-3units from 2011 to 2012, same figures from the previous year (since then however, the Leaf has had increasing sales reaching around 3,000 units per month and is near the 44 Thousand units sales mark).

Together with the Volt and Leaf, the Tesla Model S completes the top 3 EV brands.

ChevyVolt-4Malcho adds that with the current market demand, GM is still studying the situation. And while it is ready to react to market changes, she says that GM does not intend to alter the game at the moment.

Watch out for Part 2 of our feature on the Chevy Volt, here at The Bitbag.

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