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Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Guide: How to Adopt a Child and Have a Family

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The increasing popularity of games has allowed developers to create something innovative and out of the box to lure players. For the first time ever, the game is offering players a chance to have a family. Yes, players of Elder Scrolls V Skyrim can adopt a child and start their very first family.

There are requirements that the players have to fulfill that would make them eligible for adopting a child. The write-up below is about the detailed information about the requirements and adoption process.

Requirements of adopting a child

If the player wants to adopt a child in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, they must have the Hearthfire expansion Pack that is compatible with every copy of the Skyrim. In this expansion pack, the player must have one dedicated room for the child where the child can keep his belongings.

If the player does not have an extra room, he has to buy a bedroom and has to place it in his home. Apart from securing a home and belongings, the player also needs to provide security to the child as the child can be killed by the enemy. So the requirement for adopting a child is having a secure place like Windhelm or Whiterum.

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

How to adopt a child through Riften’s Honorhall Orphanage?

To adopt a kid from Riften?s Honorhall Orphanage, the player needs to finish the innocence lost quest. The innocence lost quest is also the same quest that the gamers need to complete to join the Dark Brotherhood in the game. It?s like killing two birds with one arrow to the knee.

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After defeating Grelod the Kind, Michel will send a letter leaving the player in charge of the Orphanage. The letter also asks him whether he would be interested in adopting a child and starting a family.

Apart from this process, the players can also adopt a child from the streets. If the players don?t want to finish the innocence lost quest, then they just wander into the street and adopt a child if the player meets the necessary housing requirements.

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