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Elder Scrolls Online to Get Guild Enhancements, Class Tweaks, and a Lot More

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Since the release of The Elder Scrolls Online last April, the game has received a lot of feedback from the community. There have been comments saying that some aspects of the game are too difficult and time-consuming, and we do agree. But it seems like developer ZeniMax Online Studios is committed in improving the game as they just revealed what?s in store for us this month from their game. We can expect a lot of changes this month in its upcoming patch.

In the next update, or ?Guild Extravaganza!? as ZOS calls it, the game will be adding a lot of features. For the most part, the update will dwell in guild enhancements.

Here?s a quick summary of the guild enhancements:

  • Management: guild leaders can create, delete, and promote guild ranks. Guilds can have up to ten ranks of membership, each of which can have its own icon.
  • Bank: guild leaders can set permissions to allow members to withdraw gold from the guild bank based on their rank.
  • Store updates: anyone in your alliance can browse your guild store in Cyrodiil if your guild owns a keep.
  • Traders: The Gold Coast Trading Company will establish kiosks throughout the cities of Tamriel. The merchants running the kiosks can be hired by guilds on a weekly basis (via auction) to act as a portal to their guild?s store, which can be browsed by any player in the guild?s alliance. Auctions use a blind bidding process and are held once a week per merchant.
  • Heraldry: guild leaders can design guild heraldry for their guilds if they have 10 or more members. Each guild member can purchase and wear a tabard emblazoned with the guild?s chosen colors and crest. There are 250 colors, 63 backgrounds, and 136 crests that can be mixed and matched to form guild heraldry.

They also made a couple of changes in the Veteran Rank System in which they admitted that it could be too ?grindy? and difficult, and the rewards do not compensate the effort that was put in. For that, ZOS said they will be slowly making changes to improve the system which they will tackle more comprehensively in the upcoming QuakeCon.

In the meantime, we can expect these changes that will gradually be implemented:

  • Phase 1: Make sure the difficulty in Veteran zones ramps up slowly and rarely exceeds what a good player can do on their own. This change came to the live servers on July 7th. By the time you read this, you should be able to play Veteran content the same way you played from 1-50.
  • Phase 2: Remove the Veteran Points system and have normal experience gains direct the growth of the Veteran System. Also, ?the amount of XP granted in PvP will be increased. This will happen at some point over the summer during the?transition to the new system.
  • Phase 3: Introduce a completely new Veteran System based on new character customization and growth mechanics. This will be talked?about in the near future but for now, be aware that they?will be making?some much-needed changes to post-50 PvE gameplay.


ZOS will also be slightly tweaking the characters in order to make the game more ?balanced.? Although, they clearly made a point that they will only be making minor changes to the class builds so that players will not feel overwhelmed by the changes suddenly.

In a previous patch, ZOS reduced the stamina cost of abilities when wearing medium armor and increasing the damage of several stamina-based skills as well. In the upcoming update, ultimate abilities will now scale from weapon or spell damage ? whichever benefits you the most.


Here are some characters aspects they will be looking to tweak:

  • The survivability of werewolves and the balance between their strengths and weaknesses may receive some adjustments.
  • The effectiveness of Templars is being evaluated, particularly some specific builds that may be underperforming when compared to similar builds for other classes.
  • The?previous changes to the Dragonknight class are undergoing review to ensure that the class is fun to play and still feels powerful.
  • Adjustments to the Nightblade. What they?ve done so far has helped they say, but there may be more on the way.

There?s another cool feature that has been introduced into the game. Players can now dye their armor, which means you can customize color of your armor just the way you like it. Additionally, there?s a couple of itemization features introduced:

  • New armor sets that are visually distinct from others.
  • A new system that makes it easier to find complete sets in-game.
  • Item rewards will be handed out in a more logical fashion by quests and enemy drops.

ZOS admittedly said they are in the process of tweaking a lot of stuff to make the combat gameplay a lot more fun and visceral. Similar to the Veteran Ranking System, they will also gradually be making improvements to the gameplay including animations, audio, timings, and other things.

For more on the upcoming update on Elder Scrolls Online, ZOS said they will be explaining a lot of these during the upcoming QuakeCon event in Dallas from July 17 to 20.

Image Source: Elder Scrolls Online Official

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