”Elder Scrolls Online’ Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Journey in Tamriel

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There are a few things you can do to make things a bit easier while you spend your time in the vastness of Tamriel in Elder Scrolls Online. Most of these things aren?t really something hard to do or even well hidden, but most of the time, they are neglected (mostly due to players being too excited to explore around the huge world out there.)

Make it a habit, even from the very beginning of the game, to loot chests, trunks, desks, bookshelves and furnishings. In North Harbor, you can even get a bunch of lock picks which aren?t free later in the game. You can continue doing this for the first parts of the game until you are confident with what you have in your inventory or if you reach a manageable level.

Don?t forget to check out starter islands as well. There is good stuff to be found there. You get to find crafting items, and some skyshards there. You can also level up easily as the enemies are fairly a breeze to deal with.

For the grinding part (this is probably the most important chunk of the game, as with most MMORPGs), it would be a good idea to engage with a Quest first before starting to grind. You get the most XP in this procedure. When you go questing, you will get XP. While you are on a quest and exploring, you will also get XP. While exploring, you?re likely to find mobs of enemies and this is the perfect opportunity to grind and level up gradually. This is better than going out without any real goal in mind aside from simply grinding.

While going through these quests or exploring around, you will find loot chests in dungeons too. You will find some in most dungeons and they are quite better than what you get from dungeon bosses. The only catch is that you need to watch out as this isn?t like a personal which you can have all by yourself. Somebody might steal it from you, so best to not spend too much time admiring the loot before moving out.

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