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Elder Scrolls Online Servers Down On Morrowind Release Day

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Elder Scrolls Online servers
Source: The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Announcement Trailer video

The Elder Scrolls Online servers have recently suffered log-in and disconnection issues after the new Morrowind expansion rolled in. PC and Xbox One players were mostly affected in this server problems, though PS4 players also reported that they encountered similar issues. Here’s what we know about The Elder Scrolls Online server issues.

Server Status

According to Bethesda Support on Twitter, North America Elder Scrolls online servers for PC and Xbox One suffered issues after pushing out the new Morrowind update. Currently, Both the PC and Xbox One server issues have been resolved. Players can refer to the official site’s Service Alerts page or the Bethesda Support Twitter to know current server statuses if it ever goes down again.

Players were suggested to change up their Microsoft accounts, restart power cycles, and simultaneously do modem-power cycle restarts to fix the issue. Some players said the fix works but the issue has yet to be identified if it’s from Bethesda or the platform’s issues.

Morrowind Update

The Morrowind update pushes out major features like a new character class, public dungeons, PvP battlegrounds, Trials, items, motifs, houses, furniture, and other Elder Scrolls Online content. Each Elder Scrolls province is loved by its fans due to its rich lore and well-made visuals. Previously, Morrowind was the main setting in the third Elder Scrolls entry. More than new content, fans who’ve played The Elder Scrolls 3 should be familiar with some areas and buildings in this new update. Since the servers are already fixed, players can now wander in the new maps and content of Elder Scrolls Online.

Combat System Patch Notes

Aside from the new content, the Morrowind update also pushes new features in Elder Scrolls Online. The combat patches are geared to encourage players to focus on either resource management or dealing raw damage. At best, the new systems are designed to penalize resource management sustain or damage if they focus on one stat. Competitive Elder Scrolls Online players will be able to enjoy this content as players can only resources or damage focused in PvP.

The new PvP battlegrounds has objective-based game modes. However, it still has a Team Deathmatch mode that’ll reward good combat knowledge about resources and damage in Elder Scrolls Online.

For now, The Elder Scrolls servers are now okay and ready to play. However, keep an eye out for any issue or another major server shutdown during the Morrowind content gameplay. Stay updated with more Elder Scrolls Online news here on The BitBag.

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