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Elder Scrolls Online Players Be Warned: Server Migration is Happening

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?The Elder Scrolls? series may have been one of the largest things to ever happen to PC, what with the series being hailed as a classic. Its latest addition, Skyrim, didn?t fail to live up to expectations, even surpassing them as it was given accolades left and right. It is also a welcome addition to the tale that Bethesda created about the land in which the Emperor ruled and the elves were trying to take over.

So far, the next game in the series has virtually been The Elder Scrolls Online. Imagine playing the same kind of action and storytelling, only, you get to share it with other players, instead of playing alone. Forming parties where a human, a Wood elf, and a High-born elf can be fun in its own unique way. Battling creatures familiarly found in other Elder Scrolls titles is a big draw too.

However, one major setback of the game is maintenance. You have to regularly do maintenance on these games to maintain their playability, and players be warned. One such maintenance will be done, as promised last May, today. Unfortunately, that also means that players will have to go through it. It might?ve been okay if it was only for a few minutes or so, but since it?s a migration to the megaserver, the bad news is that it?s going to take all day for it to be finished.

You might want to plan out activities to do or play other games for the time being, if you?re one of the ESO players who use the European megaserver. The process starts at 8am EDT (1pm BST) on July 29, where ZeniMax Online will migrate the game to its European data center. This process will take up until 5pm EDT (10pm BST) and in the span of the time that it covers, anyone who is playing on the European side won?t be able to log on. However, North American players should rejoice. If you?re on the North American megaserver, well, you can just sit tight while the process is happening, as the North American megaserver won?t be affected.

The reason behind why this is being done during North American business hours is further explained. The process of moving the server to the new datacenter is a complex operation, and this usually is done by a large number of engineers and support staff based in both Europe and North America. It is important, then, that everyone who was needed for the operation was awake and available. This would aid in a smooth transition.

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In a player perspective, though, not much will change as an effect of the migration. No patching will be required, although transfers from the North American server to the European one won?t be available upon completion of the move. ZeniMax, however, said that sometime in the future this process might be made available.

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