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Elder Scrolls Online One Tamriel Update: All New Changes Coming This October

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Elder Scrolls Online

One of the most successful games, Elder Scrolls Online, is getting an update called One Tamriel this October. Game developer ZeniMax Online Studios confirmed that the last expansion pack of the year will bring big changes in the game. The details shared by the developer suggest that the game will no longer restrict players from accessing any regions due to the character?s level. Players will be free to go anywhere.

The new Elder Scrolls Online update will enhance the game?s battling system to cater to the needs of the character. It will scale and balance the characters depending on the areas they visit, as every single region features unique challenges.

There will be no change in PvP as it will still rely on alliance, but the new update will allow players to find and form groups as the developers have decided to lift the alliance restrictions exclusively in the open world zones. New players will now be able to group with the high level players, and those who wish to explore the world alone will also be able to do so.

The One Tamriel update for Elder Scrolls Online will also bring new content to the game. Besides the changes, every zone will now feature new bosses. The devs will also include more content for solo and group players. To enable gamers to play in their own gameplay style, Dungeons will offer Veteran and Normal modes, Zenimax Online Studios said.

With the update, players will now be able to challenge their friends in PvP battles. The Dueling feature is finally arriving with the Update 12 for Elder Scrolls Online. The duelling system would be detailed by the developer during PAX West 201, which will run through September 2 to September 5.

The company will also bring some prizes for players. Crown Crates will be available until the end of November. The Crown Crates will contain some cosmetic items, retired mounts and pets. The update will be free for everyone. The studio will also launch The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition in September. The package will include the original game along with its first four DLC packs.

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