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The Elder Scrolls: The Online Experience on PS4/XbOne; New Skywind Trailer

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It?s been some months since we?ve heard something about The Elder Scrolls: Online.

The game had a rough time returning to its former glory when ZeniMax Online was still mired in the pay-to-play model they were trying to get to work. All of that changed, however, when they adopted a free-to-play model with The Elder Scrolls Online title. Now that the game has arrived on the PS4 and the Xbox One, according to this Movie Pilot article, is it still worth it to return to the game?

We also take a look at this report coming from Game Spot. Another game that?s worth noting is The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, which is getting a mod called ?Skywind?. The mod puts in the best of Morrowind and Skyrim together into a massive Morrowind re-make that re-explores the world of Morrowind using?Skyrim graphics.

A Resurgence, or Sort of??

ZeniMax Online started The Elder Scrolls: Online with the hopes that it would turn into another success like its previous title, World of WarCraft.

That model didn?t work for ZeniMax Online so much, according to the Movie Pilot article. What they?ve resolved to doing, though, is to go the way of free-to-play, with most of the paid transactions happening through the in-game store. In?the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch of The Elder Scrolls: Online, the game is to be paid only upon purchase and the player is then free to roam the online world of Tamriel.

However, a leap to the consoles once people have tried the game on PC platforms seems like a step backward. The Movie Pilot article appears to be mirroring this, especially since the game doesn?t have interesting quests the way the Elder Scrolls single-player series had in the old console platform. Still, it does hold promise for a first-time player of the game.

Skywind: the Morrowind that Should Have Been

After being awfully silent for quite a while, the market?is presented with another proof of work from the good folks over at The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project, courtesy of YouTube and Game Spot:


The game really appears a mod in every step of the way, although it is exciting to behold since it IS Morrowind done in a really exciting light. While it?s taking a bit long to finish, the mod still is coming along nicely. The latest trailer will be version 9.6.0, while the start of the progress was way back at 9.0.0. A look at it should reveal that it?s still too far from a final form.

Things Happening for the Elder Scrolls

News like this doesn?t mean that the Elder Scrolls 6 is coming soon, or is going to debut in March. But that doesn?t matter?what?s good is that The Elder Scrolls Online is trying to fix their dilemma, and given enough time, might actually be enjoyable enough to play. Time is another word that should be given enough of to Skywind?an ambitious project to revive a rather good, if old, game in Morrowind.


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