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Elder Scrolls Online: Best 15 Easy Ways to Earn Money and Gain Experience Points Faster

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Elder Scrolls Online is now playable and you can interact with other players online, adventuring in Tamriel. For first timers, here are the suggestions to earn lots of money and gain experience points quicker.


After the fall of the Reman Dynasty at the end of the First Era, the Dragonfires are left without an emperor to light them. Due to lack of leadership, three factions took the opportunity of expanding their territories in the Imperial province of Cyrodiil at the expense of people residing in the region. Your character starts as one of Molag Bal?s victims who had his or her soul stolen by the Daedric Prince.

Gaining Experience

Since the Elder Scrolls Online begins before any of the game series had happened, levelling up may differ according to new rules for massively multiplayer gameplay. Character level is required to use certain gears and consumables throughout the game and also determines level of enemies, loots and the ultimate charge.

  1. Primarily, killing enemies will give you experience points.
  2. Assisting others by killing enemies or healing them grants experience points. These factors bring essentiality to the element of having a party to level up.
  3. Defeat enemies or help defeat enemies with levels not too below than you will grant experience points.
  4. Quests can be time consuming and sometimes complex to complete but they always give rewards such as items and experience points.
  5. Follow the storyline or side quest line in order to maximise the rewards with experience points.
  6. Crafting tasks do not reward experience but rather grant inspiration to level up the profession skill lines. Profession skills are very helpful for gaining money.
  7. For players who travel a lot, discovering new locations will grant experience points.
  8. Unlocking chests also grant experience points.

Earning Money

Tamriel is a huge place filled with gold and you can find them almost everywhere in the game.

  1. Don?t ignore quests for quest givers will reward you with gold.
  2. PVE is the most suggested mode for getting lots of gold compared with PVP.
  3. Avoid buying gears from vendors using gold as prices can be very expensive.
  4. To save more money, obtain gears using levelling up strategy such as:
    1. Crafting gear instead of purchasing
    2. Complete quests for rewards
    3. Trade directly with players instead of using the mail feature to avoid 10 per cent cut by the game
    4. Having finesse in combat may cause opponents to drop more gears
    5. Certain vendors in Cyrodiil exist that sell gears for Alliance Points
    6. If you harvest or loot crafting nodes, sell these materials to crafters rather than vendors for more profit.
    7. Before selling your crafting nodes, refine them to get other stuff such as gemstones, tempers, resins and tannins. They worth more in trade than unrefined crafting items.
    8. Profession skill line may be boring but experts on creating items especially consumables will get high profit for demands never goes down.

Once you?ve managed to sustain constant flow of income, you can now do other stuff to take your gaming experience to the next level.

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