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The Elder Scrolls Legends Release Date And Gameplay: What We Know So Far

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The Elder Scrolls Legends

Last week during Bethesda?s E3 conference, the developer provided some fresh details about the upcoming game The Elder Scrolls Legends. The new game will let players explore the new characters and lore of the franchise games. The upcoming strategy card game will be available on PC and iOS this year.

The demo Bethesda played at E3 2016 revealed that The Elder Scrolls Legends will translate their RPG mechanics in the card game. The game will likely attract fans on both platforms when it launches later this year. In The Elder Scrolls games, players build their character?s skills and abilities and progress through the game, but in Elder Scrolls Legends, things will be a little different.

The upcoming game brings the RPG elements from the Elder Scrolls games. Each card will correspond to a color as they will be assigned to one attribute out of the five. Decks will be composed of two attributes: The Agility and Strength decks will be called Archer class, while the ?Intelligence and Willpower will be dubbed Mages, Mashable reports.

Some fans are comparing The Elder Scrolls Legends with Hearthstone, but Bethesda is offering something different in the new game. Bethesda?s card game is for all skill levels, but it seems that newcomers might face problems if they are not familiar with collectible card games. Bethesda?s new game offers more card mechanics than Hearthstone, and it may turn it into a complex game.

On its official website, developer Bethesda is asking fans to try the game in Beta session. Interested fans can check the official page to register for The Elder Scrolls Legends beta. Selected players will be informed via email. The game is in closed beta, so fans will have to agree to a non-disclosure agreement. According to the developer, when the final game launches, it will be free to download. The game will have in-game purchase in form of Cards packs and Arena tickets.

Bethesda confirmed that The Elder Scrolls Legends will hit PC and iOS sometime this year. No specific launch date has been announced yet.

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