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Elder Scrolls Legends Beta: Tips And Tricks You Should Know

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The Elder Scrolls Legends Beta

The Elder Scrolls Legends beta just went live a few hours ago. Before you jump into Bethesda?s trading card version of Tamriel, why not brush up on a few key tips and tricks to ease yourself in? Here are some key pointers to get yourself started on your journey.

Learn the Attributes

Like any collectible card game, Elder Scrolls Legends splits its card base into different divisions, each with their own flavor and style of play. Sticking to the series? RPG roots, cards are divided into one of five main attributes: Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, and Endurance. Just like the main series Elder Scrolls games, building your deck around certain attributes will yield entirely different strategies and gameplay. This is further enhanced by the class system tackled below.

Choose Your Class

Now that you have a handle on each attribute, it?s time to start thinking about the deck you want to build. Similar to Magic the Gathering, players are free to mix and match cards from different attributes or simply play a deck of a single attribute type. Naturally, there will be certain pairings that complement each other better.

Combining two attributes creates a class, a blueprint that outlines what cards you can include in your deck. For example, mix Intelligence and Agility to create an Assassin. Assassin decks cannot have any Strength or Willpower cards in them but can include Endurance and Neutral ones. To specialize your deck even further, you can hunt down class-specific cards that can only be included in decks of that particular attribute combination.

Deck Size

Elder Scrolls Legends has a flexible deck size limit. The minimum amount of cards you need to make a deck is 50. All decks have an upper limit of 70 cards. You can have up to three copies of any card in your deck regardless of rarity. However special, ?unique? cards are limited to one copy only. Bethesda suggests keeping your deck size as low as possible in Elder Scrolls Legends beta to increase the odds of drawing your best cards.

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