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Elder Scrolls: A Look at Current Elder Scrolls Online plus Elder Scrolls 6 Absurdities

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There?s been a general lack of news about Bethesda?s Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls 6 titles.

The only news available is speculations and rumors, and most of these rumors point towards a shift in policies. I would say that it?s fantastic, because the other reportedly ?updated? websites has their article of a ?confirmed? Elder Scrolls 6 appearance before Fallout 4. While I do find this absurd, I might only admit defeat in the event that a Bethesda announcement ever does come forth.

However, we also take a look at Elder Scrolls Online, a game that is either beloved or vilified by players. The game is still going on strong despite a few negative press being heaped on it here and there, and it?s also implemented a system?one of which is the Justice system. As per this article from Cinema Blend, the Justice System lets you immerse yourself in some type of virtual cops and robbers game.

The Strangeness of Reports Surrounding Elder Scrolls 6

It?s the same round of reports that are making its way onto the Internet.

It?s already 2015, and that may have encouraged the current trend. The usual suspects are once again claiming that Elder Scrolls 6 is coming, it?s coming soon, and that it will be located in this region and that. One such report even suggested that it?s coming before Fallout 4?a breaking of tradition, if you will, citing dubious sources. That alone should tell you that these reports should be taken with a whole jarful of salt.

Still, they do persist, and they do come at an alarming rate. However, I?d wager Fallout 4 would come before Elder Scrolls 6, although we may not know what Bethesda has on their sleeves until they make their move.

Elder Scrolls Online Justice System?A Murdering Spree

Elder Scrolls Online, however, is quietly making waves, and Cinema Blend?s article gives some insight to the Justice System.

The Justice System came to the console game as a part of an update along with the Champion System. However, as per Cinema Blend, the cooler update of the two is the Justice System. It?s the one system wherein you get to become a murderer?in the sense that, as long as you don?t get caught, you can go around killing NPCs for whatever items they may possess. However, you shouldn?t let the guards catch you.

There is a corresponding tree to how the guards treat you, from the harmless Disreputable, the medium-difficulty Notorious, to the insane Fugitive. It feels like the crime system for Need for Speed Underground, honestly; only this time, you run on foot instead of in a vehicle, and you also get to die if you?re not careful.

Elder Scrolls?what might it be?

There?s nothing wrong with pining for an Elder Scrolls 6.

However, I?d say we better leave Bethesda to their devices and not put words into their own mouth. Reports of the release of Elder Scrolls 6 won?t help in making the development faster, as it really takes time, and I still believe Fallout 4 will come first.


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