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Elder Scrolls 6 Won’t Have Fallout 4’s Dialogue System

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Elder Scrolls 6

While there were plenty of surprises at this year?s E3, one of them might have been the lack of any news regarding The Elder Scrolls 6. While Bethesda did announce a remastered version of Skyrim for current-gen consoles and Windows PC, there was no update regarding a potential sequel to the hit open-world RPG.

Though nothing about Elder Scrolls was shown, aside from the aforementioned remaster, the mobile card game and the online spinoff, one thing is certain: the new game will not use the dialogue system from Fallout 4.

Most fans will agree that Fallout 4 is a huge success, even if it doesn?t do anything new and suffers from similar flaws from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. During an interview with GameSpot, Todd Howard stated that he knows fans weren?t too fond of the dialogue system in Fallout 4.

While Howard did state that it was there to make the conversations feel more important, it didn?t necessarily work for most gamers. Bethesda does listen to fan feedback, so fans can expect this to be scrapped or completely retooled, as these types of games tend to have hard choices to make.

It would be wise for Bethesda to keep their next dialogue system simple. It has worked for the Mass Effect series, where players usually have three types of replies to choose from, so the developers should take note of this for their next open-world RPG.

Since most fans are expecting The Elder Scrolls 6 eventually ? with the Skyrim remaster possibly acting as an appetizer for the main course ? it will be good to know that the flawed dialogue system won?t be in the new game. Bethesda does take fan criticism seriously, which is why the horrendous bargaining system from Oblivion wasn?t brought to Skyrim.

Currently, there have been no plans revealed about a sixth game in the Elder Scrolls series, though a new one is expected. The franchise has grown in popularity so much that the developers can?t ignore the demand for it, especially since the reaction to the Skyrim remaster has been mostly positive.

Will we see The Elder Scrolls 6 soon? Most likely, but not anytime soon, since the developers need time to make it great.

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