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Elder Scrolls 6: What do the fans say?

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Aside from Fallout 4, another topic that?s getting a bit of media mileage is Elder Scrolls 6.

Last year was a kind of breakout year for this game. Aside from the many possible theories offered about what the game might be like, there were no less than four or five places that people suggested as the next place for the game. One popular suggestion points at the region of Argonia, an inhospitable place to any race other than the reptilian Argonians. Other such places of interest are Valenwood and Summerset Isles, home to the Altmer and the Bosmer; there?s also Elsweyr, the shuffling sands which the Khajiit call home.

In the spirit of welcoming the New Year and another onslaught of Elder Scrolls discussions and speculations, we take a peek right into the Reddit heartland. We take a look at two discussion integral into looking at a new game, wherever it may find itself set. There?s a discussion involving more involvement from people who are your followers; the other one discusses the possible events where Bethesda might announce Elder Scrolls 6 or Fallout 4, whichever comes first.

A Team of Explorers

A refreshing breath of fresh air, says redditor secret-agent-t3, would be to have followers.

While that remark seemed bland in itself, what he meant was that an Elder Scrolls 6 game needed followers which had personality. This personality would enable exploration of caves to not be so monotonous as it were in Skyrim. This would also enable the game to become more immersive, making the player?s followers on par with the player?s reputation. Such as, for instance, if the player had legendary armor on, the followers should have the ability to wear such armor, too.

There?s no guarantee that the option would become available in an Elder Scrolls game, if ever Elder Scrolls 6 were ever being created. However, it would make for a very interesting questing. Bethesda?or whoever were developing the game?would also have the option of making enemies equal to the level of armor the player and his party are wearing.

Bethesda?s Next Big Reveal

This comment from user FlamingSnot93 says what people might already know.

As if a half-dozen fake revelation articles aren?t enough, he guesses a major event would play host to the announcement of Elder Scrolls 6. One user argued Fallout 4 would come before Elder Scrolls 6, and rightfully so. However, as for the events, the yearly E3 and the GamesCom might play host for the game, if it were going to come this year, of course. Only Bethesda or the developer knows when its coming, and they?ll be choosing their event of choice.

Bethesda has outdone themselves in the past during these events. It pays to keep a weather eye on which event is coming, for you never know?Bethesda might pull a fast one, or at least, they would give hints before the big event comes.

Reddit Ideas

There are a lot more ideas coming from the thread, but an intriguing question looms?will Bethesda ever give players the benefit of the doubt and try to incorporate their suggestions in the games? Who knows?they might have used one or two suggestions in a game already, and we?re all none the wiser. However, it would be good for the gaming scene if ever that happens, as it shows that developers are really willing to listen to the people.


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