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Elder Scrolls 6: Thoughts on the Gameplay and Revelation

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It?s all been Fallout 4 ever since Bethesda announced that it would be hosting an E3 event.

What about Elder Scrolls 6? While the game appears to be light-years away from even being talked about?officially?there should be some thought or game development happening to it. At least, that?s what this Movie Pilot article tries to tell us. When Elder Scrolls 6 finally comes around, barring the region, will we see something like Skyrim or like Morrowind?

There?s also this article coming from Tech News Today. While Fallout 4 might be speculated as the big question mark in the invitation sent by Bethesda, they tend to think otherwise. What if, by some freak occurrence, that question mark turns out to be Elder Scrolls 6? It?s an interesting theory and one that should be taken a closer look at.

Morrowind or Skyrim?

Morrowind and Skyrim are both games under The Elder Scrolls series, but they each have their own differences.

Skyrim was a game which was a fit for the time of its release. It was rewarded by the graphics card revolution and the birth of HD graphics.? Morrowind, on the other hand, recognized its weakness, which was the limitation of tech during its time. It made up for that by offering a deeper storyline and an engaging quest, according to Movie Pilot.

Perhaps Morrowind and Skyrim could finally come together once The Elder Scrolls 6 rolls around. If that happens, it?s going to be an exciting Elder Scrolls 7 and onwards if it sets the bar for how Elder Scrolls series games should be.

A Different E3, Alright

The E3 event by Bethesda is nothing short of surprising.

This is Bethesda?s first event during the E3. However, what will people be receiving at the E3? Will they get something surprising, or the same thing that everyone already knows about? That?s what the Tech News Today article tried to point out. The article pointed out that E3 2015 could be Elder Scrolls 6?s coming out party.

It?s absurd, of course, to think that the sequel to Elder Scrolls 5 would arrive so soon. However, with Bethesda remaining silent, conspiracy theorists are free to think of it anyway that they like.

The Real Score

If the chronological order were to be followed, it seems Fallout 4 will be revealed at the E3 2015 of Bethesda. The Elder Scrolls 6, if it?s as big a game as the fanbase expects it to be, will take more than just some years after Elder Scrolls 5 to develop.


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