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Elder Scrolls 6: Rumors and a Free-To-Play

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This could officially be one of the very first rumors alluding to Elder Scrolls 6 for this year.

The Elder Scrolls 6, widely awaited by fans who are frustrated week after week by sourceless news pointing out that the game will be releasing instead of Fallout 4, or that it would be set in the place that the Argonians?a race of lizard-men?call home, may have been alluded to one final time. There are some rumors suggesting that it?s coming sooner than we all think?despite Todd Howard?s silence regarding either Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls 6, and regarding the lack of any announcements, unlike in 2011 when Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online were?mentioned.

In fairness to this Design & Trend article, it seems to say that, despite the rumors and the announcement that?as per Nuzco by way of Design & Trend?Bethesda is hiring voice actors to work on a certain ?AAA video game title?, it might only be rumors. The idea of the hero ?fighting a war in Skyrim? seems far-fetched, since the previous game was already set in Skyrim. In another article, Kotaku reviews a trend that shows Elder Scrolls Online might just go free-to-play.

Elder Scrolls 6 Rumors

The premise of a ?war in Skyrim? sounds like it may be from a nicely prepared mod.

As a follow-up to Skyrim, however, it doesn?t look like much. The war might have worked in Skyrim, but will it work in a Skyrim 2, or, in other words, The Elder Scrolls 6? As per this Design & Trend article, it seems that it might, though it?s not a sure thing. It never is, especially since there?s no announcements coming from Todd Howard, other than some dubious Internet sources that doesn?t seem to exist.

An awesome prospect would be to see something the magnitude of Elder Scrolls Online locked in a game. It?s not that easy to achieve, but it?s certainly doable; it already exists. Now, having a single-player version of it would be something to see.

A Free-to-Play Elder Scrolls Online

It?s been a long-time coming, but things seem to persist in the way of Elder Scrolls 6 going free-to-play.

Given that its model isn?t as good to it as it might have been if it was well thought-out, this article?which came out at the close of last year?seems to suggest a free-to-play model would be better. This has something to do with ESO doing away with the six-month subscription option. With no clear explanation, fans?as the article suggested?went to hoping that this could be a sign that the game is finally going free-to-play.

It could help the game get more subscribers. A free-to-play model they could have in place is to pay for the items in an in-game store, rather than pay for your right to play the game or have to pay it again when you?ve already paid for it when you purchased it.

Elder Scrolls 6?Are you Coming?

If an Elder Scrolls 6 is indeed coming, it might be a very long time before we manage to see it. We might get to see Fallout 4 beforehand, and that?s one game that?s on everyone else?s lips too. Either Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls 6?what?s important is that Bethesda is working on them, and that they?re headed for a revelation and a subsequent release soon enough.


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