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The Elder Scrolls 6: Release Tactics and Famous Players

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The Elder Scrolls could have taken a backseat to its more illustrious brother, Fallout 4, but it refused to do so.

In this report from Culture Mob, Elder Scrolls 6 has continued to garner even more popularity than The Elder Scrolls: Online. There will always be those that will disagree, but make no mistake?The Elder Scrolls 6 appears to be more talked about than Elder Scrolls Online is.

Another report from Kotaku sheds light on the far-reaching influence of the Elder Scrolls series. Everyone had?great experiences playing the game?including celebrities. The report brings to us the various celebrities who had a nice experience with The Elder Scrolls series.

A Better Game

It?s not hard to see the better game between The Elder Scrolls 6 and The Elder Scrolls: Online. It?s unfair, however, to say that Elder Scrolls: Online is weak if only the interest of the people is the basis. The Elder Scrolls 6, according to Culture Mob, is being helped by the fact that Bethesda will be hosting their first ever E3 event.

What fireworks will people see in the event? It?s unknown what games?other than Doom and Wolfenstein?will Bethesda reveal at the event if the invite is any indication. One reason that the Culture Mob report is citing as the reason for the popularity of Elder Scrolls 6 right now would be Bethesda?s continued vagueness on the subject.

A Party of Sorts

It might not be a who?s who of who plays The Elder Scrolls, but according to this Kotaku report, that?s not the point.

Short of playing Elder Scrolls, these celebrities didn?t pass up the chance to party during Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?s launch. Everyone was there, from Christina Aguilera to Lynda Carter, as well as musician Dave Navarro and Perry Farrell.

With parties like this being the norm for game launches, expect to see more fancy shindigs and star-studded voice casts as games get more and more ambitious in the future.

The Magnitude of the Next Elder Scrolls

With Elder Scrolls 6 possibly still in stasis, people will have to flock to E3 to see if Fallout 4 will indeed come out before the game. It is a possibility, even if signs weren?t present in the invitation sent by Bethesda.


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