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Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date Still Not Available

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It?s been a long time since Skyrim was released, and might we say that the follow-up to this game is a long time in coming. That is not to say that games like this are easy to put out; Skyrim was, in some ways, a masterpiece, and putting out a game to succeed something like it is increasingly taxing. Not only do you have to surpass Skyrim, but people?s expectations as well. After Skyrim, people will be expecting something short of a game-of-all-time from Bethesda.

This might possibly explain the reason why it?s taking such a long time for them to follow-up Skyrim. Or it could also be historical in nature, what with the other games taking a span of three to four years before being followed up. Creating a game isn?t easy. You need to take a look at the previous game you made, evaluate the successes, and failures, and then you start to think, ?What can we do to improve this/that?? And in the case of Skyrim, while there are a whole lot of things to improve, it?s a bit hard to see what they are.

The next-generation of consoles has already arrived, and they might be what The Elder Scrolls VI might?ve been waiting for. As a game in-development (possibly), they might be looking at how they can exploit this console generation?s strengths, the way they did when they released Skyrim. They may also be looking for a new storyline to tell, a new region to add, or whatnot. Bethesda is not quiet on releasing games, by far. They have been mum on news about Fallout 4, but their silence is kind of like a confession that indeed, production is ongoing on Fallout 4. Might this be the same thing with the The Elder Scrolls VI?

Even if there?s no clear news about it, and if it seems too far away and too non-existent as of yet to talk about, The Elder Scrolls VI deserves just a bit of discussion. Bethesda has been publishing games for some time now, and a lot of games during this console generation. But the actual Bethesda studio has been known for producing only one game at a time, and if they?re working on Fallout 4, then they may have to take some time to tweak and iron-out the kinks in the game. This also means that work on The Elder Scrolls VI may take quite some time to get started on.

Who knows, maybe they?ll go ahead and surprise us with a trip to Elsweyr, or at least, explore the places where the Orcs and the Redguard came from? Regardless, The Elder Scrolls VI might take a long time to finish, but then again, at least we have The Elder Scrolls Online.

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