Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date: No Announcement Soon, Says Todd Howard

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Elder Scrolls 6

Fans should not expect Elder Scrolls 6 anytime soon as Bethesda is currently keeping mum on its upcoming games. If you?re wondering what happened to those ?three big and crazy? projects previously announced by Todd Howard, right now it seems better to forget what he said as Howard recently stated that he should not have mentioned specific numbers in discussing their upcoming games.

“I should have never said a number because we have so many things. You could add it up in different ways. You could say it’s bigger or smaller. They’re a long way off. I think the larger point was, no one should expect to hear about those [games] anytime soon,? clarified Howard in an interview with GI Biz.

We might not hear an update on Elder Scrolls 6 anytime soon. There are rumors that Bethesda may announce Elder Scrolls 6 only when they are ready to release the game, just like the way they did with Fallout 4 last year. Bethesda is known for keeping things under wraps. Last year, the studio announced Fallout 4 at E3, and within just five months, it released the game to everyone?s surprise.

Howard also said that many things are going on at Bethesda’s new studio at Montreal. He did not reveal what they are, but he teased fans by saying that Bethesda is going to be doing different things. It is important to note that Howard had expressed his interest in virtual reality and that the Montreal studio is focusing on console, PC and mobile game development.

Last year, Bethesda’s Vice President of Marketing and PR, Pete Hines, also said in an interview with The Telegraph that it?s rare to have franchises like the ones Bethesda has. He added that they do smaller things and they don?t aim for quantity. Watch out for more news on Elder Scrolls 6 soon here on TheBitBag.

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