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Elder Scrolls 6 Release: ‘It’s Certainly A Game We’ll Be Making One Day”, Says Bethesda

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Fans went ecstatic when Skyrim was recently re-released for current-gen consoles. Adding all of the DLC and some new mods helped the appeal grow even more. Even Nintendo fans are excited for the game, now that we know it will likely come to the Nintendo Switch. With all this Skyrim hype, one wonders if the company will eventually work on its followup: Elder Scrolls 6.

Bethesda’s work on the open-world RPG has thrilled millions of fans worldwide. While the company does want to work on other games, they might eventually go back to their roots. During Bethesda?s interview with Glixel, it was stated that they would eventually make a new Elder Scrolls game ?some day.? One can only guess when this ?someday? will be though.

Role Playing Machines

It’s easy to see why fans want Elder Scrolls 6 so badly. After all, Bethesda has worked on some of the best Western RPGs ever made. Skyrim was recently re-released and Fallout 4 sold like crazy, and Dishonored 2 is getting crazy good reviews. While the company only published the latter, there’s no denying that they make great games.

During the interview, Skyrim is constantly brought up as one of the most played games Bethesda has ever made. While hacking and slashing is still one of the main things to do, there are just so many ways to hack and slash. It’s due to Skyrim’s success that people want to see a new Elder Scrolls game.

Someday Oblivion Will Find You

It seems like we will eventually see Elder Scrolls 6. Other ?big games? have been hinted by Pete Hines as well. This is also good news, since new IP is always something that should be celebrated in this world filled with remakes and remasters.

When will we see Elder Scrolls 6? Not anytime soon. That’s fine, since Bethesda is planning plenty of games that should keep players busy. The fact that people are excited for their shows is a testament to the company’s quality. Skyrim remastered is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC for those that have yet to play it or want to replay it. ?

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