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The Elder Scrolls 6: The Latest Hoax and Game Engine Issues

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Elder Scrolls 6 rumors began to swirl upon the appearance of this Game Ideas entry, which placed the new game in a rarely explored region?Argonia, otherwise known to Imperials and everyone else as the ?Black Marsh? and home to the reptilian Argonians. Movie Pilot brings us this article that shows there is a chance for improvement given the possibly long wait before The Elder Scrolls 6 is released, let alone announced.

Speaking of rumours, since that Game Ideas wiki entry, there had been a lot of rumors thrown around about the Tamriel-centric game. There are the hoax articles, and then there are the ideas thrown around by commenters on Reddit and FAQ contributors. We take a look at this What Culture article on a collection of rumors that have been passed around since people wondered whether Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls 6 will come first.

Improving the Bugged Gameplay of The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls : Skyrim was a divisive game of sorts, according to the Movie Pilot article. It featured a lot of innovative additions, albeit using a really dated game engine. However, there were still glaring discrepancies which would?ve been addressed if the game had spent a little more time in development.

With the new Elder Scrolls 6, the Movie Pilot article plays at wishing for better things. The aspects of follower gameplay, horses, and armours were tackled, as well as a better sense of immersion overall from those things. Wouldn?t Elder Scrolls 6 be a better game if improvements that the players wanted were heard and put into the game?

Elder Scrolls 6 Rumors, in a Nutshell

Most of the rumors surrounding Elder Scrolls 6 can be found in the report by What Culture.

Easily enough, the most prevalent rumours surrounding the game has something to do with the area. There have been names tossed around?Elsweyr and Argonia, for instance?and those two are the noisiest among those that have been said. Then the game engine draws some rumors as well. It has been said that the game will presumably feature a new engine, and a better one this time around, as the article says.

Aside from that, there have been rumors surrounding the gameplay, that it will have new weapons and races. What?s more tiring to hear, perhaps, are the hoaxes and rumors surrounding the release of the game, which is slated to be sometime around 2016?or so they say.

Does the Elder Scrolls 6 Exists

All rumors aside, it wouldn?t be surprising if the Elder Scrolls 6 has been discussed by the people at Bethesda in one way or another. It?s a little too impossible for it to exist right now, though, especially with the all-but-confirmed arrival of Fallout 4. It might just be that Bethesda is taking its sweet time with a game like Elder Scrolls 6, especially after the issues and triumphs of the previous game in the series, Elder Scrolls 5.


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