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The Elder Scrolls 6 could Feature new enemies, tougher laws

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A dragon perched on top of a ruin in Skyrim. [Elder Scrolls]

With all the hype surrounding Fallout 4, rumors about The Elder Scrolls 6 seem to die down.

The silence in the discussion seems to stem from the fact that The Elder Scrolls 6 can?t possibly have been developed at the same time as Fallout 4. But let us discuss one thing which this Movie Pilot article point out?Elder Scrolls 6 will have to do away with the dragons, which were central to Skyrim, and make do with a whole new enemy?possibly grander and more vicious than the dragons.

While we?re talking Elder Scrolls 6, here is another exploration coming from this Motoring Crunch article. In the Elder Scrolls 5, a law system was in place, but as it appears the punishments for everything?thievery included, however big or small the item you swiped was?seems to be a collective slap on the hand. Will they be easing out that type of punishment and introduce harsher penalties in-game this time around?

The True ?End? of the Dragons

Fallout 4 is hot property right now, but what about The Elder Scrolls 6?

Sometime ago, the possibility of Elder Scrolls 6 being set in a number of regions?Argonia, Summerset Isles, and Valenwood among them?were swirling heavily. However, this Movie Pilot article talks of a very different problem. Will the enemy in The Elder Scrolls 6 ever equal the danger and ferocity of battles with Skyrim?s chief villains?the dragons?

The report continues that the dragons will be hard to replace, seeing how they were effective as the rival to your Dragonborn. Perhaps a more difficult villain in the next Elder Scrolls series, like an ancient evil comparable to the ever-existent Daedric Princes in the Elder Scrolls series? Regardless, according to the report, it appears that the dragons are here to stay, and The Elder Scrolls 6 will just have to add another chief villain.

Tough Love in The Elder Scrolls

Motoring Crunch reports that the leniency displayed toward stealing in The Elder Scrolls series is absurd. Aside from stealing being as easy as pie, the penalties for it are too light. The same goes with the other crimes in Skyrim and the other games.

Will Elder Scrolls 6 benefit from a more fairer justice system, in the name of immersion? The article also suggested making stealing a harder crime to commit. Will this make for a more interesting game? That leaves a lot to be desired, since The Elder Scrolls 6 is perhaps still at the planning stage at this point.

Promises for The Elder Scrolls 6

Based on the current landscape, The Elder Scrolls 6 will have to wait until the announcement?or absence thereof?of Fallout 4 happens. However, having a different villain other than dragons?and a fairer, stricter justice system in place?could help give The Elder Scrolls 6 a unique identity from the rest of the games.


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