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The Elder Scrolls 6: Distancing from Elder Scrolls Online the Right Idea?

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The Elder Scrolls 6 is receiving a bit of attention right now because of its more illustrious brother?that is, the Fallout franchise, which is rumored to be coming soon through Bethesda?s E3 event.

With all the attention, issues such as this one reported on Movie Pilot gets the attention it deserves. Many people are waiting for Elder Scrolls 6 and which region it would explore next, but of course, there?s The Elder Scrolls Online, for the meantime. However, the game having experienced a lot of problems before it went free-to-play, should The Elder Scrolls 6 distance itself away from the game or not?

The Elder Scrolls: Online is making some efforts to make itself relevant once again. In this news from Zam, we take a look at a new and improved Elder Scrolls Online trying to draw players back in who might?ve drifted on to other games. In a move dubbed ?Welcome Back Weekend?, The Elder Scrolls: Online is making a pitch for other players to try roaming the improved world of Tamriel once again.

Ignoring a Bitter Aftertaste

The Elder Scrolls: Online experience isn?t a very pleasant model for a successful release.

While the subject is a divisive one?with one side of the fence arguing that Elder Scrolls: Online is an underrated gem and the other against such a claim?Elder Scrolls: Online, according to the Movie Pilot report, is a game which should not be emulated in any way by The Elder Scrolls 6. That?s according to a poll among people who are waiting for the coming of the next Elder Scrolls game.

This could be possible, considering the number of lands that Bethesda could fit in a game that?s to fit in with the rest of the Elder Scrolls franchise. Expect the next game to visit lands that are still unexplored, like perhaps Elsweyr and Valenwood.

The Elder Scrolls: Online Return Program

The latest news for Elder Scrolls: Online is that people are invited back to explore Tamriel once more.

The Elder Scrolls: Online is returning in a beta form that?s free-to-play after the initial purchase of the game, according to the Zam report. Last Weekend, players were treated to random prizes in a promo which gave away cash, a pet code, and a plushie, among other prizes.

Aside from that, players should not fret if they saw a favorite item among the prizes?some of which include a Senche-Leopard mount. According to the report, some bundles will be available in the long-term.

Returning to Tamriel

If and when The Elder Scrolls 6 comes around, players should not worry. There seems to be a lifetime?s worth of bad experiences which ZeniMax Online had in the pay-to-play days of The Elder Scrolls: Online. That?s enough for Bethesda to be able to take a look at what works and what really doesn?t.


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