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Elder Scrolls 6 Alternative: Outward

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Elder Scrolls 6

There?s an alternative to Elder Scrolls 6, and it looks beautiful. The open world role-playing game, Outward, takes a lot of inspirations from the Elder Scrolls series. The game has already been greenlit on Steam, and fans and funders have been backing the game. Overall, the upcoming title from Nine Dots Studio can come out as a major competitor to Bethesda?s Elder Scrolls franchise.

Though the indie game developer Nine Dots Studios is not backed up by big publishers and sponsors, the studio has somehow managed to build a pretty good follower base for its upcoming game.

According to the developer, the game features a lot of action and a wide variety of activities to survive in the wilds. The game supports single a player campaign. Local and online co-op gameplay are also available in the game. The game auto saves itself constantly so that the players will not have to go back after a defeat.

What makes Outward unique from the unannounced Elder Scrolls 6 is its flexibility. The game can be played by two players by online play or split-screen. It will certainly help players communicate easily while playing the game.

The combat system in Outward seem to have been inspired by other RPG games. The catch here is that players will have to fight against nature as well. The character will have to eat, sleep and drink to survive on land. Setting up a fire camp at night is a must because it will certainly help you fight against the unfavourable weather conditions and wild animals.

Outward will also feature multiple playable characters. Players will be able to choose a new story and new character to gain new items and skillsets.

The Elder Scrolls 6 release is still a mystery and it won?t happen any time soon as Bethesda recently said they will develop two major games before going back to The Elder Scrolls series. Meanwhile, the developer of Outward has also not revealed the release details for the game. The game will more likely see a 2017 release on PC first. The developer may also bring the game to Xbox One, but there is no confirmation for a PS4 version from the studio.

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