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El Capitan Features: Issues Already Being Reported After Official Launch?

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Apple delivered the OS X El Capitan to Mac users with some new features, upgrades, and security fixes to make for a better operating system. But for the entire new and improved thing it?s added, there are still some problems OS X El Capitan has and that users should know about before downloading the operating system. Here are some of the problems and reasons why you shouldn?t upgrade to OS X El Capitan:

Downloading issues

According to Gottabemobile, ?some users are seeing long OS X El Capitan download times, with some estimates of 8-10 hours.? Downloading the new OS X El Capitan will require you to download triple the time you need in order to get the new operating system.

Office 2016

Another major problem that Gottabemobile shared is that the new Office 2016 for Apple is not stable on the OS X El Capitan. A user name Brad Sams shared an image regarding the problem to his Office Outlook and Word, saying how it was unstable. ?Office 2016 on El Capitan is unstable and virtually impossible to use on my machine; all of the apps crash multiple times a day. To top it off, I have had the error reporting mechanism crash while trying to send my crash log after Outlook bit the dust,? he said according to Thurrott. ?The crashing is so bad that I cannot trust the apps to work long enough to accomplish anything meaningful which renders my Mac useless for daily tasks.?

Photo previews

Gottabemobile also shares that they ?are also seeing scattered reports of OS X El Capitan problems opening large photos in preview,? and ?Aperture slowing on OS X El Capitan.? In addition to the image problems, some apps on the operating system don?t work when you run them in the latest version.

But despite the problems being posted by a number of Mac users, they seem to be isolated. So there are still no widespread complaints about any issues concerning the OS X El Capitan.

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