Eidos New Media makes Microsoft Xbox LIVE Arcade debut with Geon emotions

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Geon: emotions Launches September 19th on XBLA

Redwood City, Calif. — Sep 19, 2007 — Eidos Interactive, one of the world’s leading publishers of video games, will release its first title for Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Arcade service – Geon emotions – on Wednesday, September 19th.

Released through the publisher’s fast-growing New Media Division, Geon emotions is a clever mix of fast-paced futuresport and tactical play. Developed and co-published by Strawdog Studios Geon emotions invites gamers to play as one of eight feelings: Rage, Passion, Fear, Envy, Rapture, Courage, Bliss and Melancholy – each of which enters the game with varying strengths and weaknesses.

The action is set across a number of visually striking 3D play areas, broken up into grids that feature tight corners, sweeping loops and raised banks. Having selected an emotion, players race around the psychedelic play area attempting to gather special ‘E-Mote’ pellets to increase their emotion’s strength or to weaken their opponents, thus allowing them to reach an end zone and score goals while their rivals are stricken.
Geon emotions includes six game modes, with single-players facing ‘Time Attacks’ and ‘Duels’ while up to four people can compete in split-screen competitions that allow them to work together or battle it out in ‘Last Man Standing’ death-matches. Each game begins with players rushing to collect E-Motes before using their specific powers to debilitate the opposition.

The use of E-Motes allows players to exploit the weakness of the emotions the CPU or rival players control. Rage, for instance, can be sedated with a powered-up Bliss attack, while Passion can be similarly tempered with a blast of Melancholy. With the opposition in disarray, the player can then charge across the two-sided play area to score the five goals needed to win the match.

With its clever premise and fast-paced gameplay, Geon emotions is a frenetic and entertaining experience and marks the perfect Xbox LIVE Arcade debut for Eidos New Media.

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