Eidos Illuminates Mobile Devices with Prism: Light the Way

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Redwood City, Calif. — Sep 25, 2007 — Eidos Interactive, one of the world’s leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, today announced the release of a new mobile game from Morpheme Game Studios called PRISM: Light the Way. Featuring a variety of gameplay styles from beat the clock to battle modes, PRISM: Light the Way is a light-based puzzle game designed to challenge every level of gaming fan.

Living in their black hole of Oog, the Glowbos are a peaceful race who survive on light fed through an assortment of galactic matter, but Oog is under attack and the light is being consumed by the Big Bad Bhobail and the Glowbos face possible extinction. With the help of the Bulboids the player must manipulate light in order to save a precious race.

“This is classic, can’t-put-it-down gameplay,” says Dave Clark, vice president of New Business Development at Eidos “With engaging graphics and addicting puzzles, PRISM: Light the Way is a great game for all ages that works perfectly in the mobile environment.”

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