Edward Snowden Suggests An Interesting Way To Keep Your Smartphone From Getting Monitored Illegally

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Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden

While we await the Edward Snowden biopic directed by Oliver Stone, the most wanted and?most celebrated man has suggested a way to keep your phone from getting spied on.

As the current-generation handsets get stuffed with more futuristic features, the chances of getting hacked also increase. Having an anti-virus onboard is a very basic requirement nowadays, but such apps cannot guarantee a blanket protection. There are instances of legit-looking software recording conversations and storing classified data from the user?s handsets. Plus, there are instances where hackers watch the device owner via the phone?s camera.

It is worth noting that only in rare cases do the device owners realize that something is fishy. A good majority never know that they are victims of such clandestine attacks. Some of these threats are done by arch-enemies, rogue colleagues, bullies, and hackers, while few others are sponsored by state agencies.

So how do we protect our handsets from spies of any kind? This is where Snowden chips in.

A preview of a future episode of Vice aired recently, and it shows Edward Snowden preventing the phone from spying on the user.

It is crystal clear that Snowden does not trust software of any kind. According to him, if the installed software cannot assure privacy and security, the right thing to do is look at the hardware components. As we know, software cannot operate on its own; it needs hardware to work.

The video shows him physically removing a handset?s camera and microphone modules. Snowden says a phone’s camera and the microphone are the two culprits used by hackers when they decide to snoop around. By getting rid of them, the handset will be safe and sound.

You might be wondering what the purpose of owning a handset is without the ability to make calls, with its microphone removed. Edward Snowden advises people to use a headset with a built-in microphone instead for calls. It might sound extreme, but he?s right, technically.

Here?s the preview of Vice?s episode: (Video Credit: Youtube/VICE)

If we look back at the history of smartphones, BlackBerry phones, with BB10 OS onboard, used to be marketed as the most secured device, back when the company was a kingmaker. However, now, even BlackBerry has bitten the bullet and started making phones running the popular?Android OS, thereby compromising its security aspects.

On a related note,?BlackBerry CEO John Chen recently chided Apple for not unlocking San Bernardino shooter?s iPhone for the sake of the country?s security.


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