Ed Sheeran Announces Upcoming Album Title on Twitter

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Ed Sheeran Album

Everybody knows how 2016 hasn?t really been that ?good? to most people, let alone Ed Sheeran. In 2016, Sheeran was prominently absent from the music industry. But one thing for sure, Ed Sheeran definitely knows how to stir up people?s emotions. His recent social media stunts about his upcoming album are making fans crave for more.

He hasn?t even dropped a single note yet! Imagine that.

And while most people were still hungover about Ed Sheeran?s upcoming music announcement, he released yet another ?statement? that?s driving everybody nuts. What might it be, you might ask?

Well, Ed Sheeran MIGHT have released the title of his upcoming album. And it totally makes sense.

A Throwback to Ed Sheeran?s Previous Albums

Avid Ed Sheeran fans probably saw this coming. The ginger superstar usually releases his albums with a three-year gap.

Ed Sheeran?s + (Plus) album was released in 2011. His + album also marked his commercial breakthrough, selling 102,000 copies in its first week of release.

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The 25-year-old singer also had people get the LSS (Last Song Syndrome) with his original songs such as Give Me Love, The A-Team, and of course, Lego House.

Three years later in 2014, Ed Sheeran released his second album, x (multiply,) under Asylum Records and Atlantic Records. His x album included the hit song Thinking Out Loud, which is Sheeran?s first single to spend the entire year in the top 40 in United Kingdom.

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People haven?t really heard from Ed Sheeran since his success in 2015. So it?s just understandable why his fans are all over the place because of his social media announcements.

Ed Sheeran Album?coming soon

In his recent Twitter post, Ed Sheeran shared a gif image that shows the ? (Divide) sign. And since Ed Sheeran oddly grew fond of using mathematical symbols for his albums, it?s speculated that ? (Divide) might just be his next album title.

But then again, people still have to wait for Ed Sheeran?s sudden Twitter announcements.

Ed Sheeran?s upcoming album is set to be released on January 6, 2017 (Friday,) at 5am GMT and 12 AM ET.

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