Ed Sheeran’s Twitter Announcement: New Music Coming Soon

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Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran

2016 was a great year for so many breakout and established artists in the music industry. The world was spoiled with awesome triple A tracks coming out of the air waves every couple of weeks. The same can not be said for Ed Sheeran, who had a relatively quiet 2016.

Fortunately,?it looks like his year long hiatus wasn?t just spent on a well-earned break. The hiatus has finally come to an end with him finally telling the world via Twitter that new music is finally coming.

New Music

Ed Sheeran has about 16.7 million followers on Instagram and has just given them all a big surprise to kickstart the year. Sheeran had just tweeted a nine second video saying captioned: ?Hello 2017??

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The video shows Sheeran holding up a sheet of A4 paper with words: ?New music coming Friday!!? written on it. Sheeran then blissfully waves at the camera and proceeds to hilariously put the paper in his mouth just before the video ends.

The video instantly went viral with over thousands of fans all over the world sharing and talking about it. This just goes to show how fans have been waiting for a new song from Sheeran thus far.

Third Album

The short nine minute video that Sheeran had posted on Twitter doesn?t confirm whether the music that will be released on Friday will be a new single or a new full album. However, we speculate that it would most likely be the launch song for his much anticipated third album.

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A few weeks ago, Ed Sheeran had changed his profile picture on Twitter into a plain blue image exactly one year since he first announced taking a his break from social media. This had then caused many to believe that his third album must be coming close to it?s release.

Ed Sheeran?s video may have left us with more questions than answers. But one thing is for certain, something big is coming from Sheeran on Friday and we all can?t wait to see and hear it.

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