Ed Sheeran New Album 2017 Download, Tracklist: Launch Schedule & Where To Listen Online

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Ed Sheeran New Album 2017 Download
Ed Sheeran New Album 2017 Download

He’s baaaaaack!!! Ed Sheeran is back, and what better way to start the year with a bang knowing that the Thinking Out Loud superstar is back with new music and has an upcoming tour! Fans went on a frenzy on Twitter when he started giving out clues of his return. Others demanded to know the exact tour dates so they could prepare their wallets and schedules in advance. Oh, Ed! What have you done?!? Here’s more of Ed Sheeran’s New Album for 2017 and possibly where to download.


Fame, fortune and great music. What more could a sane human being ask for? But after touring and doing this nonstop for five years straight, Ed Sheeran was simply exhausted and decided he needed to take a much needed break. He not only took a break from his music, but from social media as well. His last post was back in December 13, 2015 on both his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

On his post he said he had an amazing ride the past five years. However, he started seeing the world through a screen, not his own eyes. Thus, he’s taking this opportunity of not having to do anything or be anywhere. Now he can do what he wants and see everything he’s missed. He also appealed to his family and friends. He said if they truly loved him they would understand him ‘buggering off’ a bit. To his fans, he assured them that his 3rd album is on the way and promised it’s the best thing he’s ever made. He’ll see everybody back in autumn per RTE.

Ed Sheeran New Album Title

One year after his break from social media, he came back on December 13, 2016. He posted a blue square to his accounts. Fans went nuts knowing this means something big is coming. Finally, new Ed Sheeran music is on its way, per Capital FM. His album ‘+’ in 2011 and ‘x’ in 2014 topped the charts and his latest album ‘÷’ is expected to be no different.

Come New Year’s Day, he posted a video to his social media accounts. He gave fans a heads up about his new material coming in on Friday morning. Then one clue came after another. He posted two videos, making fans aware that these might be the lyrics to his new music. One had the words “When I was six years old I broke my leg…” The other one read, “The club isn’t the best place to find a lover…”

Just today, he dropped two new songs entitled Castle on the Hill and Shape of You from his unreleased album.The artist is doing an effective social media campaign prior to the release of his new album, and it’s totally working.

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Where To Download Ed Sheeran New Album 2017

So come Friday morning tune in 5am GMT so you’ll have an early start. He’ll be on BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast Show beginning 7am. He told fans to tune in if they want to hear his “brand new music.” For sure he’ll be announcing his tour dates, exactly when and where, his new tracks, and some amazing stuff to download. Check out Ed Sheeran ‘÷’ on Capital App, Apple Music and Spotify so you can be the first to hear! Tune in for more updates!

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