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eBay’s Next Frontier: Bringing Commerce to Wearables

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eBay?s next frontier could include bringing commerce to wearables and other available connected devices. The company has recently formed a new team of designers and engineers to take part in its Innovation and New Ventures group. This group will focus on creating ways to make commerce available into anything that has a screen.

Redefining Commerce

For the past five years, eBay?s growth has been attributed to its early focus on tablets and mobile devices. The goal was spearheaded by the head of Innovation and New Ventures group Steve Yankovich. He explained way back that they are not focusing singularly on a platform. Yankovich said that they are building the company for every platform and the mobile Web. He wishes to take a similar approach to developing something for the next generation of devices and screens.

The group was created to redefine commerce across the company, which includes enterprise business, PayPal and marketplace. Yankovich said that they are not for short ? term revenue, but they are trying to see what the future holds for them. Last year, the Innovations group began creating an app for a smartwatch and figured what app could fit the technology. Just a few weeks ago, the company debuted an app for Pebble smartwatch and the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

A Future of Shop ? and ? Pay for Smart Devices

Yankovich sees a future beyond just tablets and phones, where everyone would have smart devices that use historical behavior, personalization and sensors. These features, he said, could make it possible for the average person to easily shop and pay. Yankovich specifically calls this as the Zero Effort Commerce in which commerce happens intelligently and automatically using the smart devices. The ZEC can anticipate a person?s shopping needs and instantly act upon them.

eBay will continue to develop for the next frontier of screens and wearables. With all the tech companies presenting their own versions of a smartwatch, it is not impossible that more will come to hit the market. However, the group is also working on other projects like connecting glass in malls. Yankovich also sees a possible connected glass in vehicles that can point the driver to the nearest gas station. He believes that eBay will have a chance to get ahead of commerce, given the company?s payments assets and marketplace via PayPal.

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