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Easy XP and Level Up Trick in Watch Dogs

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Watch Dogs Tricks
Watch Dogs Tricks

Is your life with Watch Dogs a bit on the difficult part? If you?ve been wanting to do some serious grinding, but don?t have all the time in the world to sit down and go through a long game session, there are ways to make things a bit easier.

Quick Level Up Trick

This trick is pretty easy to pull off and straight forward. Just keep in mind that there?s no autosave on each level up that you make, so be sure to save often by going back to the hideout and sleep. Now, to start, you need to leave the hideout near to the river and the train tracks. Go to the highway near it and kill civilians INSIDE their vehicles to increase your wanted level. You need to make sure that you kill them while inside the vehicle, so police wouldn?t be called to the scene. The higher your wanted level, the more XP you get by escaping the police. Once you reach the highest wanted level possible, proceed to the L-Train Station, get over the fence and steal any vehicle lying there. Make sure that you are caught by a yellow scan. This will bring the maximum number of cops after you.

The real deal starts from here, smash through the fence and go straight into the tunnel. Go to the left side of the track and wait for the train to arrive. Once the train appears, just drive backwards. You don?t have to worry about getting hit by the train because it won?t. Once the train manages to get inside the tunnel, leave your car and enter the train.

This is where you level up. Once the white scan is done, you will be rewarded with 300 XP. While inside the train, go to the end of the tunnel, and wait for the white scan to end and the helicopter to leave. Once the helicopter is gone, shoot the ground to cause the white scan to appear again. The police will pop out again out of nowhere, but since you are in a place where nobody can find you, you?ll just have to wait for 50 seconds before the police and the white scan stops, giving you more XP. If your wanted level is going down, just kill civilians inside the train. Repeat the process as much as you?d like, but be sure to save at least every 10 level ups.

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