Easy Ways to Improve Your Laptop’s Battery Life

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[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Your laptop is probably the one gadget that gets the most beating in a day.

It?s what you use to take care of all things from business to personal stuff. And yet you get frustrated when your laptop?s battery dies right when you need it the most?and there?s no outlet in sight!

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Here are really easy ways to prolong your battery life.

Don?t unplug when in use

This is a common misconception that people need to stop doing. I?m guilty of this too, thinking that keeping it plugged after the indicator lights turn blue (or green) will result to overcharging. It won?t. That?s because a laptop battery has a limited charge-discharge life cycle. It can only take so much charging. So to avoid diminishing its life and the need to buy another rechargeable battery, keep it plugged.

bluetooth indicatorDisable hardware you don?t need

Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you?re not using them. Most of the time, these things are turned on without us knowing and they eat up a significant amount of power.

Get rid of things that consume energy

Every single app that runs in the background consumes power. If you?re not using it, get rid of it.

Don?t have multiple tabs or windows open while you?re using Word. Turn off the media player if you really don?t need background music. Not only will you prolong your battery, you will also increase productivity.

Defragment drives on a regular basis

Hard disk drives? performance will diminish over time. When it?s no longer working efficiently, it?ll need more power to keep up with your requirements. The solution here is to defragment regularly. That should restore your HDDs performance and reduce the unnecessary power it consumes.

Dim your screen

If there?s enough light in the room, it makes sense to dim the screen?s brightness. The display is one of the biggest energy consumer for most devices, so reducing brightness will save you power.

Automatically turn off display when away

When you leave your desk to get something, the laptop will stay on and that?d mean wasted power. Modify the settings to automatically turn off the display when you?re not using it.

power planChange your laptop?s power plan

This is the simplest way to improve your battery life. Switch to Power Saver mode. This forces your laptop to reduce performance where possible.

Hibernate is better than Sleep

Putting the laptop to Sleep Mode will still consume power because it needs to keep RAM and system state loaded so you can quickly resume what you?re doing.? If you?re going to step away for a few hours, switch to Hibernate Mode; it?s similar to being powered off.

These tips will definitely help especially power users?those who do a lot of work on their laptops. There?s less worry and more productivity.

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